Rhythm is our definition of  energy in motion, which is the ultimate element of  all vital forces of nature and life: Fire, Water, Air and Earth –  The Universe. These vibrations are principal components of nature and man. For a moment we can concieve the idea of the restrained energy as a moment of our lives, whilst the motion and the flow of energy through the Universe is inconceivable to man. Unless he is an artist, who in the limited time and space, senses and testifies to the process of existence.

Scientists have succeeded in creating a graphical image of the first melody of  the emerging universe from the time  when it was still the light with the subatomic particles. This compression of  liquid light during the fall and spilling over of one gravitational well to another, has produced the oldest music of universe.



About me

Ziza-portretZivana Djukic Kostic


I have exhibited in National and Intercontinental art competitions.

(35 solo exhibitions, and 100 group exhibitions in Serbia) and, from 2004 I am, as a artist, present in Canada.

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Zivana Djukic Kostic

2309 Elmira dr

Ottawa, K2C1H3, CANADA


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