Light & Reflection

Light is the energy of Creation, that can be viewed at a cosmic level, and as emotions and motivations affecting the individual and collective conciousness.
A glinting flash of light is the amount light and quality, which has been reflected from a surface. It is always stronger than the light itself.
The reflection has the colour and brightness of the Sun, which is an immaterial and eternal, source of life, God's gift, to mankind.
Man has endevoured to materialise this imateriality with gold. Gold is the symbol of purity, wealth, immortality.


About me

Ziza-portretZivana Djukic Kostic


I have exhibited in National and Intercontinental art competitions.

(35 solo exhibitions, and 100 group exhibitions in Serbia) and, from 2004 I am, as a artist, present in Canada.

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Zivana Djukic Kostic

2309 Elmira dr

Ottawa, K2C1H3, CANADA

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