The theme of this creation is the result of a dual inspiration.  Colour, light, reflection and rhythm are physical properties which have urged on  procreation.

 An imaginative process, assisted by travels to exotic lands, geological profession, an interest for history, ethnology and meetings with people of similar sensibility, has pooled these two phenomena.

Sensation has been effectuated through paper and silk.




The paper was chosen as the material which has satisfied raised requests in making of the pictures, linked to the motive, the genesis of the Earth, rhythm, and  formation of crystals.

 In the manner of an under-layer painting the light has entered into the picture, in order to present and experience something prominent. The paper is very inspiring and has gratified the soul of the artist.

Stepping out towards  abstraction was accomplished by a unique method of expression. Silk and pins, herein participate in the presentation of thoughts and emotions.

On stretched out silk, pins are woven in as symbols that generate composition and spin the story about Time and the overjoyed eye, prying on the reflection as a condensed spot of light.


creative prayer

About me

Ziza-portretZivana Djukic Kostic


I have exhibited in National and Intercontinental art competitions.

(35 solo exhibitions, and 100 group exhibitions in Serbia) and, from 2004 I am, as a artist, present in Canada.

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Zivana Djukic Kostic

2309 Elmira dr

Ottawa, K2C1H3, CANADA


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