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Zivana Djukic-Kostic resides in Pancevo, Serbia. She completed high school in Kragujevac , where she was taught art by professor S. Mladenovic and thus started exhibiting her work in 1962. She went on to earn a degree at the Faculty of Mining and Geology, at University of Belgrade, with a specialization in Mineralogy in 1970. For the next 12 years, Zivana continued to produce art work, upon moving to Zambia, Africa, with her family, inspired by the fascinating colours and beauty of this continent. In addition to this she worked as a research mineralogist in the Mining industry.

Her first solo exhibition “Women of Africa” was held in 1975, in Kragujevac, Serbia. Travels through exotic regions influenced her art profusely. Upon returning to Serbia, she worked in the Glass production Industry, as a mineralogist. In observing the high temperature melting process in the furnaces during glass production, the colours of crystals and minerals became a new inspiration and a visual experience, that lead her through a 10 year long journey of creating the world of light and transparency in her art work.

The love of the written word, has also accompanied her creations through inspiring her work. The Hungarian philosopher Bela Hamvas, was an immense source of that inspiration, for in his essays Zivana found support of her inner visual and spiritual sensations, which have lead to significant and valuable art creations.

Prehistoric artefacts found along the Danube river, further opened the doors to the roots of people and culture in Serbia and the interest in ethnic values lead to another decade of producing contemporary metal tapestries with applied graphisms. The symbolism of ancient script connects to contemporary signs and ways of communication. This is Zivana’s current inspiration. A study tour on the Danube, and more importantly an artist in resident experience in Iceland, where Zivana had the opportunity to study runic stones, brought to the development completion of these artistic thoughts.

The need to approach God, apart from the inspiratively instigated wandering of her thoughts, lately is becoming more concrete, through permanent and monumental artistic expression in the medium of mosaics.

Thirty-five solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions are good example of her commitment to art.

Some of exhibitions abroad:

1991 Dresden, Germany, University Gallery

1996 Abeerdin, Scotland, Art Centre

2004 Toronto, Canada, Out Aut Gallery

2007 Reykjavik, Iceland, SIM Gallery

2009 Aylmer, Canada ,Gallery L Imagier

2010 Ottawa, Canada, C4 Gallery

2010 Ottawa, Canada, Shenkman Art Centre with CNCAC

2011 Ottawa, Canada, Shenkman Art Centre, Trinity Gallery

2013 Vankleek Hill, Canada, Arbor Gallery

About me

Ziza-portretZivana Djukic Kostic


I have exhibited in National and Intercontinental art competitions.

(35 solo exhibitions, and 100 group exhibitions in Serbia) and, from 2004 I am, as a artist, present in Canada.

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Zivana Djukic Kostic

2309 Elmira dr

Ottawa, K2C1H3, CANADA

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