Colour & Transparency

Colour is a very important factor  of visual sonority and the main optical effect in painting. The artist is invoking it dually, in a passive way, as an adventure, and in active way as a medium of expression. In both cases the crucial  elements are personal sensibility, colour symbolism and a choice of technique.Water is «materia prima», the source of life, a cleasing tool. Frozen water  produces a crystal, that attracts with its poetic transparency. With light and  refraction, using oil as a medium on various types of paper, I achieve transparency.


About me

Ziza-portretZivana Djukic Kostic


I have exhibited in National and Intercontinental art competitions.

(35 solo exhibitions, and 100 group exhibitions in Serbia) and, from 2004 I am, as a artist, present in Canada.

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Zivana Djukic Kostic

2309 Elmira dr

Ottawa, K2C1H3, CANADA

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